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I'm just a below average girl working towards a long-desired dream! This blog is to mainly record my experiences as I work towards my goal of (hopefully) becoming a marine biologist and also some neat pictures that I admire. *Q* Enjoy yourself!  Marine Life Enthusiast(s) Swimming By!

Beneath the Waves?

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Underwater by Grant Stirton on Flickr.

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koujakumeoff: i've been hoping to come across a good ocean/sea-life blog for a while and yours is wonderful! I hope you achieve your dream too! Have a nice day!

Aaaaah, thank you so much, I’m glad you like it! Have a wonderful day too!

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Caridina cantonensis Bee by Studio Skwit on Flickr.

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Narwhal by OurBreathingPlanet on Flickr.

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Sea meeting by lulu_res on Flickr.

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Escape is very difficult to negotiate, underwater. by fehgnee on Flickr.

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untitled by micahseagull on Flickr.

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Octopus by Bertie Gregory on Flickr.

Blue-Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena) [1600x1200] by logwater on Flickr.

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Cuttlefish by Alyssa Lorenzon on Flickr.

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Octopus, Navarre Beach, Florida by Hawkfish on Flickr.

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Feather duster worm on a piling, Roatan Island, Honduras by Hawkfish on Flickr.

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Cushion starfish, Roatan Island, Honduras by Hawkfish on Flickr.

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Shark cull in Western Australia may be halted after Sea Shepherd court ruling

Australia's Shark Cull Is Killing the Wrong Sharks


The Australian government believes that culling sharks will decrease shark attacks, but they’ve done absolutely no progress in doing so and they are destroying conservation efforts that have already been placed for sharks—several famous marine biologists and other famous representatives have spoken out against this.

This is unhealthy for the environment as sharks are a huge part of the marine ecosystem and a majority of the Australian population disapprove of this, so why do they keep doing it? 

It just makes me upset because they keep doing it to protect “tourism” but for me, that was what Australia was all about. If I visited, I would have wanted to visit for the sharks and how successful they are in that area. But this is just ridiculous and it should stop immediately.