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I'm just a below average girl working towards a long-desired dream! This blog is to mainly record my experiences as I work towards my goal of (hopefully) becoming a marine biologist and also some neat pictures that I admire. *Q* Enjoy yourself!  Marine Life Enthusiast(s) Swimming By!

Beneath the Waves?


Bottlenose Dolphins off the coast of Florida utilize a unique hunting technique. One dolphin stirs up the seabed in a tightening circle around a shoal of fish, causing the fish to panic and jump straight into the mouths of the other members of the pod.

Life (2009)


Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) gather in huge swarms to feed on the late-summer plankton bloom.

Life (2009)


red octopus. Princeton CA, June 2012 / FH20 /


The Sea Angel (Gymnosomata) Is a group of sea slug that grow no larger than 5cm. These obscure little creatures are found in a wide range of habitats from polar to tropical regions of the sea. 


The wonderful and dreamlike underwater world. Photographer and scientific diver Alexander Semenov takes beautiful underwater images (via BuzzFeed)

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Western Australia considered plan to lure sharks with dead whales

The Western Australian government considered using dead whales to lure great white sharks to their death under its controversial cull policy, internal documents have shown.

Massive School of Anchovies Looks Like an Oil Slick in La Jolla; Article by David Strege.


Jellies, Japan.

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c03x1zt: Your post was super helpful about Humboldt:)

Oh, I’m glad to hear that it helped someone! Thanks for letting me know!

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Slow Clap by robblansdowne on Flickr.

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Animals HD Wallpapers, Full HD 1080p Wallpapers, 1920x1080, 1920x1080 by xavierboswell99 on Flickr.

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Red Octopus by Gaby BARATHIEU on Flickr.

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lunaxmuerte: Ok here goes. Did you transfer or just apply out of hs? If you transferred, how easy was it to get in? Also the only way I could attend is if I live there bc I'm in LA. And is it hard to get housing? Does it fill up fast? I know singles probably do, do they? And how do they pick your roommate? And is class availability good? Or is it super packed and horrible? And is it hard to get into a desired major?


I applied into this school during my senior year of high school—the acceptance rate, I believe, is more than 50%, making it (at least I believe) a fairly easy school to get into (and don’t get me wrong, it’s not because it’s a bad school—not a lot of people strive for it because doesn’t have the greatest programs in engineering or medical.) If you’re going for any kind of environmental science, however, this school should be very suited for your needs.

Because I came in as an incoming freshmen, I’m not sure how difficult it is to transfer—but I imagine it shouldn’t be too hard because transferring to a university should be easier than applying as a senior out of high school. 

I’m from the Orange County area, so HSU is very out of my reach. I’ve had some difficulty to get into housing, but that’s only because of my own personal problems. If you apply for housing early, you should have no problem getting in. In terms of singles—they do fill up fairly fast, especially if you’re a freshmen. However, as a transfer, I believe that there are more single rooms available, therefore the likely hood of getting a single as a transfer is pretty high..! 

As you fill out your housing application, they ask you questions in regards of your preferences (i.e., is your room always clean? if you encounter a problem with your roommate, how would you handle it? do you keep your windows open or closed, etc.) and based on your answers, HSU matches you with a student who has answers similar to yours (or you can see other students who had close results and email them and request them as a roommate). 

In terms of class availability, I had no problem getting the classes I needed, even as a freshman. Even if you’re waitlisted, usually a few students will drop out within a few weeks so it’s easy to get in (unless your class has a lab such as Chem, Zoo, etc. It might be harder to get into those—I barely made it into my Zoology class). 

In comparison to the amount of students per class, it’s not as crowded as you would find at UCLA or other UCs or even CSUs. HSU is pretty small, the lecture classes I’ve been to hold about 100-200 students—some of them even hold only 30, such as my English class. Those lecture classes with 100-200 students will usually have “discussion” classes with 20-30 students in it so you can have more “individual” time with your professor if you need it as well. 

In terms of your desired major—I applied as Marine Biology major and had no problem with it so far. I doubt it would be difficult for transfer students to get into a desired major (unless you’re changing majors and took a certain number of units for that major already before deciding to switch).

I hope this helps! I’ll leave this up for other students who are interested in HSU as well. 

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DSC01024 by Kadu Pinheiro - Underwater Photography on Flickr.

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shark 2 by audubonimages on Flickr.